Time: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

As part of Health and Wellbeing week, Sleepstation will be down at Cobalt Central from 1 till 3 on Friday 12th October to discuss any sleep-related issues you are struggling with.

Sleepstation are also offering an exclusive offer to Cobalt park employees where you can gain FREE access to an expert sleep review and guide to better sleep (Usually £95).  

This week-long assessment will help you understand if you’re sleeping normally.

If you’re sleeping badly, the review will help you understand what factors might be causing or contributing to your sleep problem. After the review, you’ll be provided with advice about how to improve your sleep.

Sleepstation is the drug-free solution to overcoming insomnia. The service is clinically proven to cure long term sleeping problems. It was co-created by one of the UK’s foremost sleep doctors and is supported by an expert sleep team. Sleepstation provides a personalised service which is delivered by people who understand the importance of good sleep and want to help people sleep better.

Register for your FREE sleep assessment here